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About Me

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Who are you?


Well, since you're at my wiki/personal site, please take a look around and find out. I'm a student at Wake Forest University, biology major. I also run the Vietnamese Music Encyclopedia and designed the PBwiki Fanclub. I have a lot of hobbies.


PBwiki Stuff


What is PBwiki?


You're kidding right? Go get edumacated and make yourself a sammich!


What's your affiliation to PBwiki?


I'm a regular PBwiki user first and foremost. Just recently, I became Chair of the PBwiki TASKFORCE, a group of users who try to pinpoint things that need improving in PBwiki and are a general pulse on the community (email me!). I'm also a forum administrator and run the PBwiki Fanclub along with Abernaith. Finally, I've started doing a few contract jobs with PBwiki as a Javascript coder. As you can see, PBwiki's kinda swallowed me whole. (IN SOVIET RUSSIA, PB SAMMICH EATS YOU!!!)

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